Sunday, August 12, 2018

Welcome Back to the Renaissance

The last post I wrote was in May 2014.  I can't begin to tell you all I have done or not done in that time, nor whether is was worthy of blogging.  All I can say, is that writing in the blog has not been a priority.  I'm picking up the note here, inspired to return to my original ideas for Renaissance living.  I have practiced a creative, eclectic sense of the Renaissance way off and on for a long time and now it seems appropriate to return to it.  I have missed doing my art on a consistent basis.  I see too many quilt projects waiting to finish.  I don't get to play with my grandkids enough. My gardening needs help.  I'm reevaluating the things in my home.  Some need to go.  Others, that I feel love for at the moment, need to come front and center.

In the book Level Up Your Live by Steve Kamb, he said to take your excuses and reword them.  He changed the "I don't have time" to "It's not a priority". That really hit the nail on the proverbial head for me.  I have been letting things that are not all that important interfere with things I want as priorities.  It can come down to how you look at things.

Yesterday, I got up early to drive 2 hours to see a couple of soccer games of my granddaughter's.  After the 930am game, we basically waited for a rain delay before the second game until about 430pm when it was decided to cancel that game, and I had a 2 hour drive back home.  Instead of looking at it like wasting a bunch of time for only one soccer game, I view it as a highly successful day.  I got to see Morgan play.  I got to have a nice lunch with Paige and Jim.  I got to interact with Mallory.  I had a great one on one conversation with Morgan.  I got to see a pretty part of the area that I had not been to before.  And I didn't worry about work, or a clean house, or anything like that.

Will I continue to write about my journey back to being Renaissance Mom (Now Renaissance Grandma)?  I don't know.  But today I feel good about rediscovering myself, and who I want to be.

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