Saturday, July 30, 2011

While Mom's Away.....

While Mom's away...the kids will play...and play...and play.

Paige is at a conference for TOT for three days, so I get to play with the girls.  We have:
Drawn with chalk all over the patio
Played dress up (Mallory especially likes the women's shoes)
The big girls and I drove to Silver Dollar City for breakfast with Tom and Jerry.  That was an exceptionally big deal for Mackenzie as she is obsessed with the cartoons.  The girls got lots of personal attention from the big mouse and cat and did a lot of dancing.  Who knew Tom and Jerry were dancers?
While at Silver Dollar City, we weren't going to do any rides or anything, but we couldn't resist stopping to see the animals, drawing on the slate at the school, or playing with the giant building blocks.  On the way out, the cloggers were starting their performance.  You can't pass cloggers!  Morgan got to go up on stage and dance with the cloggers too.
Today we have our cousin camp with the boys.  We're painting fairy houses and going on a scavenger hunt and jumping on a trampoline....and who knows what else.

I'll have to go back to work to rest up from my vacation.  I don't remember playing as being so exhausting....but it's been loads of fun and the kids have been great.