Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life Thoughts

We so underestimate the value of life at times.  I have been reminded of how precious our time is this week.

One of my grandkids just celebrated his third birthday.  It was a great time and seeing all 5 grandkids playing is pure joy.  The oldest is going to be 5 soon.  My own kids don't remember my parents at all.  My mother was gone before either of them were born, and my father died when my oldest was only 3.  I am so thankful that I have made it past those anniversaries of death.  I intend to see lots more birthdays, and I want to try to appreciate every little moment I spend with any of them.

One of my friends' mother ended up in the hospital last week.  She's having some problems and will require extra help from her family.  She is fortunate to have her family near to help her, and they are blessed to have her still in their lives.

Then the sister of one of my friends lost her boyfriend suddenly in an accident.  They were looking forward to a lifetime of memories that now will never happen.  My heart goes out to her and their families.  Anytime someone dies young, it seems that we are all cheated out of what could be.

Then, in between these events that I consider major in people's lives, I have stumbled upon various bits of drama over nothing.  Why do we spend so much time and energy on unimportant trivia?

Look around at your family and friends.  They deserve your best attention.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Warning...Political Rant....

I am so disappointed at the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Fred Phelps, I could just cry.

 For those of you not familiar with Mr. Phelps' clan and the Westboro Baptist Church, let me offer a brief explanation.  Phelps' group belies that gays are a sin against humanity.  They think the Americans being killed in the war in Afghanistan and Iraq are dying because of God's wrath against gays in America.  So, they have chosen to speak out about this issue.  Where do they take their protest?  They picket funerals of servicemen who died in combat in these wars.  The idea is preposterous.

First of all, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have nothing to do with gays.  These soldiers whose graves are being picketed are not known to be gay.

The Supreme Court ruled 8 to 1 that the Phelps clan has the constitutional right to freedom of speech and can picket.  OK...I get free speech.  But there is also the inherent right, no responsibility, to respect another person.  The poor families of these servicemen are grieving.  They have lost their love ones, often very young people to a horrible death.  Why degrade these young people and their ultimate service to their country?

Pick some other place to protest.  One's rights to protest should not infringe on another person's rights to a dignified funeral.  Why can't we show a little respect, courtesy, and empathy to people in their time of sorrow?