Monday, March 19, 2012

Liberated Round Robin 2....step 1

I'm trying my hand at another Round Robin. This one is intentionally liberated, so it could have some crazy steps.  We'll see.  For round one, the instructions were to start with some orphan block and "liberate it" by cutting, slashing, adding too, whatever.  I am starting with these.  The five stars are already liberated in that they are a little wack-o in shape.  They were an experiment in the technique of stacking five pieces of material, cutting them apart, reorganizing them, and then sewing them back together.  They have been sitting around for quite some time with no idea how to use them.  The bright pink violet is a reject from the Block Lotto.  This one didn't line up right, so I couldn't use it for Block Lotto because I have to send them to someone else.  While I don't mind imperfections for myself, I can't send them to other people.  After selecting these, I stared at them for quite a while to figure what I wanted to do. I really didn't want to slash the stars further as some of those pieces are already pretty small, and as I said they are already liberated.  So the answer, of course, was to slash the violet and then piece them back together.

Here's what I ended up with:

I think I like it.  We'll just have to see where the other steps go to see if any of the other stars can find a home in this quilt too.

OH, and a political sidebar.....
Here in Missouri we had a Republican Primary and Republican Caucus. The Primary was not going to count, it was just a beauty vote since the caucus is how the delegates are picked.  None the less, Santorum won the primary by a big margin.  Well, the caucus a month later, in Greene county the people attending the caucus picked something like 64% of the delegates to be for Ron Paul, ignoring the primary vote completely.  Somehow, that doesn't seem right to me.