Thursday, November 10, 2011

Busy season...So why not do more?

November-December is such a busy time.  All the holiday hustle and bustle, at work and at home, should tell me not to take on more projects.  But no....I'm knee deep in projects right now. These are my curved rail batik blocks.  Pretty, aren't they.  I actually won these from Block Lotto in September.  I'm still waiting on the last of my "winnings" but then I'll be able to play with setting these.  They are what is up on my design wall right now.  I imagine it will be awhile before I actually sew them.  It's actually kind of relaxing to experiment with rearranging these gorgeous blocks. 

This one, you may remember from a while ago.  It is also made from Block Lotto winnings.  I am finally in the process of quilting it.  I'm hand quilting it, just because if feels like it should be hand quilted.  I have some embellishments planned too. It's now on my quilt frame in the living room, so it's easy to do watching television, whenever I have time for that.

I also am still working on my log cabin quilt from Lyn Brown.  It's fabulous, but I can only work on log cabin blocks for a little bit and then I have to go do something different.

The something different is a mystery quilt from my friend, Cindy.  I'm only at the cutting stage, but it's fun to not know where it's going.

Throw in Thanksgiving plans and Christmas plans, and playing with the kids...and I love love love this season...but it can be rather exhausting.  So why shouldn't I take on another quilt along?  Thanks, Jennifer, at That Girl That Quilt, for coming up with a chevron design I just adore.  I'll make copies of all the steps, but I imagine I won't actually start this one until after Christmas.  In fact, I don't expect any of these projects to be finished by Christmas... I just plan to enjoy the process..and the diversity of them for now.