Friday, May 9, 2014

Every nine months

So it's been nine months since my last post.  And nine months since the post before that.  So, does checking  in with myself, and whoever, every nine months constitute consistency?  I guess,sort of.  Life always has a way of getting too complicated and too involved.  I find it interesting what things seem to be able to take over all my time. to mention the unspoken evils of politics and religion.

 Nine months ago I was getting organized for school.   Now the school year is just about over and I finally have time to try this organizing thing again.  I have a new phone so I tried to put my shopping list in it.  How convenient.  The only problem is that you have to actually look at it for it to be helpful.  Of course, I made it home without something.

  Chaos seems to rule, but interestingly enough, I keep falling back into old habits when I feel life has gotten out of control.  That means, the old habits actually do work for me, I just don't keep them up consistently once the chaos has calmed.  I just about have my bathroom not only under control, but pleasant, and peacefully organized and clean.  That's saying something.  Now...what space to tackle next?