Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Tease

Every year, it seems, the groundhog sees his shadow and we are told to expect 6 more weeks of winter.  At the time, it seemed reasonable to accept this deadline of the anticipated Spring season.  After all, there was snow on the ground, the temperatures were freezing, the wind was bitter, and there was more of the same in the forecast.

 But then, along came this weekend.  Between the 50 degree, no coat needed, temperature, and visiting the Lawn and Garden Show, I have completely thrown out any patience of waiting for Spring.  I want it NOW!  I want to get out and get going.  It's no longer enough to make plans for my pond, the surrounding garden, and vegetable patch.  I want to rush out and buy some great plant and stick it in the ground.  I'm forcing myself to not do that, as I know that I would likely kill said plant as the weather forecast is telling me it will get cold, and perhaps even snow again.  I just don't want to believe it. 

My Spring clean-up for my pond is scheduled for March, which isn't that long away.  I get help doing that which makes it a good place to start with my Spring plans. I have made the mistake in years past of impulsively planting things and then not being able to follow up with appropriate care.  I need to balance my wants and my needs and my finances.  I think I'll start with a list of  ideas and desires, and I'll research not only the costs, but the practicality of actually accomplishing each one.  After that, I should end up with a doable plan, in time for the real Spring.

It's exciting to even make the list.  Come on Spring!!!

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