Monday, September 20, 2010

Trick or Treat Ready

I went on a pillowcase making spree last month.  I was actually inspired by this post from Adrianne over at Little Bluebell. I found several tutorials around the web including one at  They were all very similar.  I loved them as there were no exposed seams at all, and really easy to make.

 So, first I took Morgan and Mackenzie to the fabric store to pick out something they liked.  Morgan's main one was Disney Princesses, of course, and Mack picked out a Winnie the Pooh print.  They're pillowcases were so cute and the girls loved them.  The only problem I had was that little did I realize that Mallory is now old enough to know she didn't get one, and wanted one, even though she doesn't sleep with a pillow.

Anyway, the brilliant plan came about while discussing Halloween.  We were talking about how the kids, when they were older, used to use pillowcases instead of other Trick or Treat Bags.  So.....I went and picked up a couple yards of cute Halloween fabric, and added some orange and made small scale pillowcases.  They are about half the size of a regular pillow case.  I used 14x30 for the body and 7x30 for the trim.  Don't you just love them?  They definitely can hold lots of candy.  We're come on Halloween!  Oh....make that hold on a minute.  We have not finished the costumes yet, so it's back to the sewing machines.


Cristie said...

Very cute! What a fun idea!

Meg said...

So cute! I love the fabric. Halloween will be so much fun!