Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving musings

I do...issue this my proclamation, hereby appointing Thursday...a day of public and solemn thanksgiving and prayer to Almighty God, earnestly recommending to all the good set apart the said day for those purposes. -Thomas Jefferson, 1776.

Do you really think Thanksgiving gets lost in all the Christmas stuff?  I don't think so.  I know it seems Christmas comes to retail earlier and earlier each year.  We even had a small display up before Halloween, but we held off on most things until after that sacred of scary holidays.  Other stores were a little more aggressive with their Christmas fare, but you can't really blame them.  People were shopping for the stuff, and stores want to sell things, that's how they stay in business.

I do think Thanksgiving has been washed into a huge winter holiday season that starts with Halloween and extends all the way to Valentine's day. But celebrating is a way to make people smile.  I would celebrate a holiday every day if I could and the dreary winter weather seems to make the need for celebrations more pressing.

 The bigger question is that have the meanings of these holidays been lost in the glitz and food and gifts?  What does Thanksgiving mean to you?  If it's just eating turkey and pumpkin pie, you're missing out on something.  If football is the all-encompassing goal of the day, you're missing out on something.  Yes, it's a time of family, but if you're all stressed out about the gas prices, the lines at the airports, or holiday travel in general, you're missing out on something.

Now don't get me wrong.  I plan on food, football, and family on Thanksgiving day too.  Some of my family will be traveling to the "other" family and won't be with us.  But it's the thought and feelings that make it a holiday. It isn't really necessary to have your family close in body, if they're close in spirit.

I wonder why we need a holiday to make us stop and appreciate what we have.  It seems that we are so busy with our day to day craziness, that we don't really look at the big picture.  I feel very fortunate to have kids I love, grandkids I adore, pets that give me unconditional love, great people to work with,  a roof over my head complete with some special sentimental comforts, food in my refrigerator, etc etc.

I think that when we are evaluating our lives,  we always seem to compare ourselves with the wrong people.  We're looking at celebrities, and wealthy neighbors and people who have "stuff".  We should be looking at the people around us who don't have what we have, in terms of "stuff" or family and friends.  Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks....for what you do have....for whatever your circumstances, I guarantee you are better off than someone else.

Have a blessed day.

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Amy said...

I agree, I travel.. meaning my husband and 2 of kids live somewhere other then "home".. our home is and R.v equiped with everything a house would have only more portable.this puts away from family and is hard when family members live in other states...some in the south,east,and the would be hard to go visit all of them.I prefer to spend my holidays in my portable home and think of all the good times gathering with family when I was younger,I call them and share recipes to the younger ones.I do enjoy being able to start earlier on some of my decorating purchases.I am also not into the organization of some religions. I was raised Baptist and have been going to Pentecostal churches since my adultdhood.Having a relationship with our Savior is not all about rituals,but some rituals are good for passing down the meaning of things and rememberance.
Being away from home and working with others who do the same helps us create some great friendships.these people are away from their family also.and it seems nobody understand what we do.even our own is hard work,long hours,cold days or nights outside,no respect in the true form.but it is a life my husband has chose to do and I could not imagine him doing it by himself.(no one to cook or clean for him ,run errands)..I think too many people need to slow down and be thankfull of the things we have and not what we can do to make ourselves look better.I really enjoy your posts,I hope I do not sounds like an idiot to is nice to see someone who blogs about other things then who designed what or what they bought and so forth.have a great day,Amy