Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's a sad sad day.....Goodbye Texas University....

I know college football is a business.
I know college football is all about money and politics.
I understand that money and politics led Texas to its television deal.
I understand that it was difficult for Texas A&M to recruit given what Texas had to offer kids.
I understand that is one of the main reasons A&M wanted to switch to the SEC


That being said, I think college football is also about tradition and rivalries.  With all the conference swapping, a lot a traditional rivalries are falling by the wayside.  That's sad...but none quite as sad as Texas announcing that they do not have room in their schedule for the Texas-Texas A&M game.


Texas and Texas A&M have been playing the traditional rivalry game on or near Thanksgiving day forever.  I know my family has personally followed that rivalry for close to 100 years, sometimes quite heatedly with people supported both schools.  I'm sure I have relatives rolling over in their graves with this announcement. Why would that game not have already been penciled in on everyone's schedule on or near Thanksgiving day well into the future?

The timing of Texas sudden "full schedule" looks like sour grapes and political games to me.  I guess the A&M fight song is just becoming more and more literal.  After all, it starts out "Goodbye to Texas University...."

It's too bad college football has come to this point.  What next? Army-Navy game?

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