Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We all survived Cowfest and although it didn't go exactly as originally planned, I think everyone had fun.

The first twist in the plan came several weeks ago when we realized that Memory Lane Dairy had been sold to Hiland and there would be no farm tour.  We still got Memory Lane milk in chocolate, strawberry, and orange dreamsicle flavors.  We did a little taste test of all three.  They are so rich and creamy it's like liquid dessert.  The kids split on chocolate and strawberry and I thought the orange was awesome!  It was the perfect drink to go with our grilled cheese sandwiches as we discussed where milk comes from; that the black and white cows are the main milk producers; what other products we love like cheese that are made from milk;  And even how back in the old old, it never happened at my house....milk used to be delivered and left beside the back door.

We told cow jokes, read cow poems, and did activity sheets of various difficulties depending on the age of the kid.  Then they settled down to check out the pictures in a photo book from Chicago's Cows On Parade.  If you aren't familiar with that fabulous exhibit, here are the basic details.  From June to October 1999, the city of Chicago was dotted with life size cow statues that had been decorated by various artists including George Rodrigue who is famous for his Blue Dog art.  He actually had three cows on display on Michigan Avenue.  The kids were more interested in these cows than I had even hoped, laughing at the silly ones, and picking their favorites.  It also was a perfect introduction to the whimsy of the cow quilts.

The quilts were presented one at a time and the kids shouted out who they thought it was for.  They matched each quilt with the right child so I knew I'd done well.  The kids loved their quilts.

The day ended as we headed off to look at some live cows.  Now that shouldn't have been a big deal, as there are cow pastures all around us, but it was so hot the cows had all moved far away from the road.  We finally tracked down a handful which were all greeted with moos before we headed home.

I'd say Cowfest was a success.  I wonder what we'll do next summer.

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