Wednesday, October 13, 2010


There's a holiday just about every day, if you look for one.  Today is National Bring Teddy Bear to Work Day.  It's a day for celebrating the Teddy Bear and the joy, and stress relief, it brings to children of all ages.

 Now I know all about Teddy Bears.  I still have the one I grew up with although I must admit he's a bit worse for wear.  My daughter has hers and had a difficutl time explaining to Mackenzie that it was "Mommy's bear".  That's because Mackenzie has several bears along with assorted other stuffed animals, all of which bring her joy, although there is only one Bear.  She makes every effort to bring one bear or another with her whenever she can.

 I don't plan on actually taking a bear to work, but I think I will try to carry the spirit of National Bring Teddy Bear to Work day with me.  We all can use a little stress relief now and then, and what better than to bring a bear to mind whenever things get a little crazy.

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fitmama said...

Oh yes, the wonderful joy of a small, stuffed companion. Nothing could ever replace Mackenzie's Bear