Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goals for 2010

In all honesty, I didn’t really have a plan in the beginning. I just decided to start a blog one day last week  It never occurred to me to have goals.  One of my past lives as a writer seemed to be calling out to be revived, so I started my blog as a way to share ideas I had learned over the years from friends and family to anyone who might possibly be interested. The fact that anyone besides my daughter might actually read it would be a triumph in itself. 

Along come the folks at Savvy Blogging, who have challenged me to post my blogging goals for 2010.  I am really terrible about setting goals. I don’t know why,  but it is.  I am actually a very organized person.  I am great at making lists of things to do and getting them done.  But that is an immediate process, and goals seem so broad and out in future space, somehow.  However, I love a new challenge, so here goes: 

1. Post at least once a week. I want to blog regularly so that readers can count on finding new content when they come to call. 

2. Create quality content. I have a hodge podge of topic ideas including but not limited to frugal living, gardening, crafts, art, family fun, nature, and healthy living.  I’d like to have some how-tos  for some of those things as well. 

3. Collect ideas in writing.  Write them down as I get them, so that when I do manage to get to the computer, I have not ignored or forgotten a great idea. 

4. Have guest bloggers.  I have some wonderful people in my life, who are more expert in some of the fields I love.  I hope to have them share ideas on occasion throughout the year. 

5.  Become a part of the blogging community.  There is strength in numbers and working with other bloggers brings a fresh outlook on different topics. 

6. Get 25 "Followers".  Help me spread the word! Maybe I could even reach 100 by the end of 2010?! Who knows?  I pulled those numbers out of a hat, but 25 seems possible, I think 

7. Inspire people to comment.  Comments are a big thing to a blogger because it says you’re not out there alone, and you must be doing something right.  I plan to listen to my readers and my peers to help make this blog the best it can be! 

For someone with no goals in mind, that turned out to be a long list.  My underlying goal is to write a blog that will be beautiful, enjoyable and useful.  Through the process of posting , I hold myself accountable to leading the kind of life I truly believe in, and begin to connect  with other creative souls. Sound doable? I sure hope so!  I suppose only time will tell!  Please know that I greatly appreciate your feedback and input


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