Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolutions, Goals and Dreams

A goal is not a resolution. Resolutions seem to be done without a lot of thought which may be one reason people seldom manage to keep them. A goal is something you should think hard about. It should be finite and measurable. The other thing about goals, is that you need to write them down along with steps designed to achieve them, and then review them and mark or reward your progress and redefine them as necessary. It is said that if a goal is not written down, it is not a goal but a dream.

That being said, here are a few of my goals for 2010.

1. I want to lose 15 pounds. To do that I plan to continue to take my lunch to work at least 3 days a week. I am going to do 5 minutes of strength training, 3 times a week and at least 10 minutes of cardio/interval training 3 times a week. These are very trackable steps toward a measurable goal.

2. I want to run a 5k. To do that I plan to use the above at least 10 minutes of cardio/interval training as the c25k program. I am going to sign up for the Dash to Splash run in June as soon as I can. This one has a definite end date.

3. I want to pay off my largest credit card debt. To do this I will follow a financial plan that includes making a budget and regularly plotting my spending.

Those are all great goals designed for a healthier life, but none are as important to me as my main goal for 2010 which is not measurable, trackable, nor does it have a definite end. In fact, it has no end. Does that make it a dream? If it is, it is one that I intend to come true. I plan to thoroughly enjoy my year by spending as much time as I can having fun with my family, especially my grandkids.

What are your dreams? It's time to follow them.

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